Hello! I am a white lady. Nice to meet you. I do not have shit all figured out. I am no authority. Far from it. I see this as a process, a journey, and if you are interested in taking this journey with me, I welcome you.

Here are my goals here:

1.) to address questions or concerns about issues related to social justice, feminism (of the intersectional sort of course, though I am a white woman) and whiteness, the explanation of which shouldn’t always fall on the shoulders of people of color. It is not the job of people of color to be forever educating us, white people. WE need to do better. That said, please remember that I am not an expert or an authority. I am a person trying to figure shit out and learning as I go. I’m not here to judge you for wherever you are in this process.

2.) to talk about my own journey of “woking up.” I will talk about my mistakes and my triumphs, my worries and my joys, my concerns and issues that come up in my own life that I think might be helpful for others or at least make someone think.

3.) to address the reality of living with severe depression and anxiety, what that means in the context of social justice, parenting, educating, and just trying to be a good, functioning human.

4.) to share poetry and humor and my thoughts about all kinds of shit that comes up. Usually this will be related to mental illness and/or social justice, but sometimes I just write because I need to write about stuff.

Feel free to contact me. Let’s work through some shit together.

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